APL is gearing up for the mobi­li­ty of the future

Mile­stone for APL: Since June, the newly built trai­ler stati­on at the Land­au site and a first hydro­gen trai­ler from the compa­ny West­fa­len AG, have ensu­red the hydro­gen supp­ly and thus the test­ing of fuel cell drives. This enables unin­ter­rupt­ed opera­ti­on and strong scala­bi­li­ty — based on custo­mer requirements.

It was also a special day for the project team. The team was there live when the trai­ler was connec­ted to the APL hydro­gen network. Alex­an­der Neber, Project Mana­ger Hydro­gen Supp­ly at APL, said: : “I am proud of how we as a team here at the Land­au site have successful­ly set up this infra­struc­tu­re measu­re in such a short time. Many colle­agues from APL and West­fa­len work­ed toge­ther and achie­ved this mile­stone through their dedi­ca­ti­on and exper­ti­se. We are plea­sed to have a scalable and relia­ble supp­ly that lays the foun­da­ti­on for our hydro­gen acti­vi­ties, so that we can contri­bu­te to the deve­lo­p­ment of future propul­si­on systems toge­ther with our customers.”

It is plan­ned that in future two trai­lers will supp­ly the test benches with hydro­gen — but in prin­ci­ple there is room for up to four trai­lers at the trai­ler stati­on. Around 3.5 milli­on m³ of hydro­gen will flow annu­al­ly through the APL hydro­gen network to the test stands. There, the fuel cell drives are subjec­ted to endu­rance test­ing as part of their deve­lo­p­ment and put through their paces, or tested for their system perfor­mance and consump­ti­on figures.

“We are very plea­sed to be able to support APL with hydro­gen and thus further promo­te the deve­lo­p­ment of envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly tech­no­lo­gies in the field of mobi­li­ty. What is also parti­cu­lar­ly nice about this coope­ra­ti­on is that two medi­um-sized compa­nies meet at eye level and show how sustainable progress can be shaped toge­ther,” explains Björn Bred­lo, Special­ty Gases Custo­mer Advi­sor at Westfalen.

With the hydro­gen trai­ler, APL is not only setting the cour­se for the decar­bo­ni­sa­ti­on of the mobi­li­ty sector and an ener­gy carri­er of the future, but can also conti­nue to serve its custo­mers opti­mal­ly and respond to their wishes.

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