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Our passi­on drives us — what about you?

Without our employees, APL would not be as successful as we are today. They are our most valuable resource.
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What does it mean to be an APL employee? Of cour­se, it means some­thing diffe­rent for each of our employees but it does mean one thing for ever­yo­ne: to bene­fit from the count­less advan­ta­ges that clear­ly speak for APL as an employer.
Job Oppor­tu­ni­ties

We are always looking for new talents and specia­lists with deep know­ledge or degree in the follo­wing disciplines

  • Engi­nee­ring
  • Mecha­ni­cal engineering
  • Soft­ware development
  • Compu­ter science
  • Chemis­try
  • Physics
  • Elec­tri­cal engineering
  • Elec­tro­nics technician
  • Mecha­tro­nics
  • Locks­mith
  • Indus­tri­al mechanic
  • Plum­bers for sani­ta­ry, heating or air condi­tio­ning technology

or send us an unso­li­ci­ted application.

Plea­se have a look at our job adver­ti­se­ments on the German care­er page.
For a good and successful coope­ra­ti­on, we are expec­ting fluent writ­ten and spoken German.
We are looking forward to your application!

APL — Strong Employ­er in the Region
As a student or appren­ti­ce, employee or worker, exci­ting tasks and an inspi­ring working envi­ron­ment await you here. You’ll be impres­sed by the team spirit that charac­te­ri­ses the coope­ra­ti­on within the compa­ny. And your colle­agues’ and mana­gers’ moti­va­ti­on is guaran­teed to infect you too!

APL offers exten­si­ve oppor­tu­ni­ties to perma­nent­ly expand your know­ledge and use it in new projects. The oppor­tu­ni­ties for profes­sio­nal deve­lo­p­ment will always open up new perspec­ti­ves and care­er oppor­tu­ni­ties for you.

Our Bene­fits, Your Possibilities
Perma­nent Positions
Without our employees, APL wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. They are our most valuable resour­ce. We appre­cia­te this very much and reward it accor­din­gly. Not just with the appro­pria­te reco­gni­ti­on and appre­cia­ti­on, but also with appro­pria­te benefits.

This is what we offer our employees:

  • Holi­day and Christ­mas bonus
  • Compa­ny pensi­on scheme
  • Free parking
  • Compa­ny doctor
  • Events (Christ­mas party, barbe­cue etc.)
  • 31 vaca­ti­on days per year
  • Clear over­ti­me regulation

We encou­ra­ge and chall­enge the crea­ti­vi­ty of our employees and crea­te the grea­test possi­ble free­dom. The diver­si­ty of our employees in terms of origin, menta­li­ty and quali­fi­ca­ti­ons is ideal for deve­lo­ping new ideas.

Join us and actively shape our future!

As a student, we can offer you various oppor­tu­ni­ties to get to know profes­sio­nal life first hand. For exam­p­le, by gaining insight during an intern­ship, working in a team as a student trai­nee or writing your final thesis (Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis).

APL has been support­ing students during their studies for many years. The wide range of projects, exci­ting tasks and the fair and helpful way of deal­ing with each other have proven their worth.

Nume­rous gradua­tes have been offe­red perma­nent jobs with us. A great number have taken advan­ta­ge of this opportunity.

You can conti­nue to deve­lop the topics you work­ed on in your disser­ta­ti­on after your studies. This way, the know­ledge and insight gained are of great bene­fit to both you and us — a clear win-win situation!

Well-foun­ded trai­ning of young peop­le is as important to us as buil­ding on the expe­ri­ence of our employees. APL offers trai­nees a perma­nent cont­act person who accom­pa­nies them through trai­ning. In addi­ti­on to theo­re­ti­cal trai­ning in voca­tio­nal school, our appren­ti­ces learn important prac­ti­cal skills within the compa­ny and bene­fit from the expe­ri­ence of our many specia­lists. If the perfor­mance is very good and the appren­ti­ce has comple­ted his or her appren­ti­ce­ship, we are happy to offer them a perma­nent employ­ment contract.

„A fami­li­al leader­ship style ensu­res strong coope­ra­ti­on between teams. We respect one another and ever­yo­ne knows ever­yo­ne, thats what makes my work­place so attractive“

Marco N., Measu­re­ments Team

„What I like most about APL, is that I could specia­li­se in my speci­fic field. I just love working here.“


Tors­ten M., Team Labo­ra­to­ry Analytics

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