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    Your way to us

    Main Loca­ti­on Landau
    APL Auto­mo­bil-Prüf­tech­nik Land­au GmbH


    Approach by car

    A65, coming from Karls­ru­he or Neustadt / Weinstraße:

    • Exit Land­au / Zentrum (exit 16)
    • At the round­about, take exit towards Offen­bach, LD-Mörlheim
    • Cross LD-Mörl­heim
    • At the round­about, take the direc­tion Indus­trie­ge­biet Ost (3rd exit)
    • Follow the main road, you are now on the street “Am Hölzel”.
    • APL is loca­ted on the left side
    • Visi­tor parking spaces are available at the gate


    By public trans­port from Land­au main train station
    (Drive time: about 15 minu­tes, walking time about 10 minutes)

    • City bus line 536 in direc­tion Mörlheim
    • Stop at “Mörl­heim, Am Hölzel”
    • Follow the road for about 750 meters until the main entrance on the left side

    Infor­ma­ti­on Material

    Loca­ti­on Wolfsburg
    APL Auto­mo­bil-Prüf­tech­nik Land­au GmbH
    Gustav-Hertz-Stra­ße 10
    38448 Wolfsburg
    Tel.: 06341 991–0
    Email: info@apl-landau.de


    Approach by car

    A39, coming from Braunschweig

    • Weyhau­sen exit (1)
    • Follow B188 / Helm­sted­ter Stra­ße for about 11 km (direc­tion Wolfsburg)
    • At the round­about, take direc­tion Vors­fel­de / Helm­sted­ter Stra­ße (2nd exit)
    • Turn right at the first crossing into Marie-Curie-Straße
    • Turn right into Gustav-Hertz-Stra­ße, APL is on the right-hand side
    • Visi­tor parking spaces are available on the street



    By public trans­port from Wolfs­burg main train station
    (Drive time approx. 18 minu­tes, walking time approx. 25 minutes)

    • Bus line 212 in direc­tion Vors­fel­de, Sudammsbreite
    • Stop at “Vors­fel­de, Sudammsbreite”
    • Walk in the direc­tion of Helm­sted­ter Straße
    • At the round­about, turn left into Helm­sted­ter Straße
    • Turn right at the first crossing into Marie-Curie-Straße
    • The next street is Gustav-Hertz-Stra­ße, APL is on the right-hand side

    Infor­ma­ti­on Material

    Loca­ti­on Bietigheim-Bissingen
    APL Auto­mo­bil-Prüf­tech­nik Land­au GmbH
    Robert-Bosch-Stra­ße 12
    74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen
    Email: info@apl-landau.de
    Tel.: 06341 991–0
    Approach by car

    A81, from direc­tion Stuttgart

    B27 from direc­tion Ludwigs­burg /Asperg / Tamm

    • Exit Bietig­heim Bissin­gen, keep left and follow B27 for 2.3 km
    • In the second lane from the left in the direc­tion of Sach­sen­heim / Mark­grö­nin­gen / Bissin­gen / Tamm-Nord, turn left
    • At the next traf­fic light, turn right into Porschestraße
    • After 220 m metres, turn left into Robert-Bosch-Straße
    • APL is loca­ted on the right hand side

    By public transport

    • S‑Bahn to stati­on “Bietig­heim-Bissin­gen”
    • Bus line 553 / 554 to bus stop Laiern- / Robert-Bosch-Stra­ße or foot­path approx. 1.2 km

    Infor­ma­ti­on Material

    // Loca­ti­ons 

    Head­quar­ters Land­au
    APL Auto­mo­bil-Prüf­tech­nik
    Land­au GmbH
    Am Hölzel 11
    76829 Land­au


    // Wolfs­burg
    APL Auto­mo­bil-Prüf­tech­nik
    Land­au GmbH
    Gustav-Hertz-Stra­ße 10
    38448 Wolfs­burg


    // Bietig­heim-Bissin­gen
    APL Auto­mo­bil-Prüf­tech­nik
    Land­au GmbH
    Robert-Bosch-Stra­ße 12
    74321 Bietig­heim-Bissin­gen

    // APL Group

    APL Auto­mo­bil-Prüf­tech­nik Land­au GmbH

    AIP GmbH & Co. KG

    IAVF Antriebs­tech­nik GmbH

    IAVF-Volke Prüf­zen­trum für Verbren­nungs­mo­to­ren GmbH

    MOT GmbH

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