// Inspec­tion and Rating

Field trials and analy­ses: APL is a compe­tent part­ner in the inspec­tion and rating of engi­nes and power­train components

Lubri­cants and fuels don’t only have to show what they are made of on the test bench; the real test of endu­rance often takes place on the road. After the lubri­cants and fuels have successful­ly comple­ted tests under labo­ra­to­ry condi­ti­ons, the candi­da­te still has to prove itself in real life. Taxi compa­nies or trans­port agents are welco­me part­ners for conduc­ting “field tests”, this means test­ing in a fleet of vehic­les in real road traf­fic environments.
Some­thing that can only be relia­bly measu­red and asses­sed with a lot of expe­ri­ence: The compe­tent evalua­ti­on of compon­ents plays a major role in testing
The engi­nes are must be evalua­ted at regu­lar inter­vals. To do so, they are remo­ved from the vehic­le and disas­sem­bled in a work­shop. Our raters carry out the analys­sis and docu­ment the current status with the help of a mobi­le photo labo­ra­to­ry befo­re the vehic­les are made ready to drive again. Then we move on to the next phase of the field test.

Visu­al assess­ment and docu­men­ta­ti­on are the core compe­ten­ci­es of our experts. Both steps are carri­ed out in accordance with Euro­pean stan­dards and the speci­fi­ca­ti­ons of vehic­le manu­fac­tu­r­ers. With expe­ri­ence built up over many years, our experts make well-foun­ded state­ments regar­ding the condi­ti­on of an engi­ne. This exper­ti­se is reco­g­nis­ed throug­hout the auto­mo­ti­ve industry.

The Buil­ding Blocks of Success

Evalua­ti­on or “rating” of the engi­nes and their parts takes place within the frame­work of many test proce­du­res. To ensu­re inter­na­tio­nal compa­ra­bi­li­ty, speci­fied stan­dards are follo­wed exactly.

Accre­di­ta­ti­on takes place in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO17025.

Parti­ci­pa­ti­on in rating work­shops orga­nis­ed by CEC

Accre­di­ted proces­ses for evalua­ti­on and documentation

Inter­nal training

Support for projects carri­ed out in Landau

Plan­ning tool to orga­ni­se processes

Writing Reports

Under strin­gent test condi­ti­ons, the tes fluid must reach its full poten­ti­al. Its perfor­mance is reflec­ted in the results of the subse­quent evaluation.

Rating Accor­ding to Stan­dard Methods
  • 600 ratings per year
  • Regu­lar parti­ci­pa­ti­on in rating workshops
  • Inter­nal compa­ri­sons between all raters
  • Commu­ni­ca­ti­on with project engineers
  • Support in deter­mi­ning causes of fail­ure and damage
Indi­vi­du­al Process Development
  • Iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of rele­vant parts
  • Custo­mi­sed deve­lo­p­ment of rating and evalua­ti­on methods
  • Vali­da­ti­on of proces­ses with customers
  • Impro­ve­ment and exten­si­on of exis­ting methods
  • Regu­lar status reports to custo­mers and users
Exter­nal Field Test Evaluation
  • Global opera­ti­ons
  • Rapid avai­la­bi­li­ty of rating team
  • Quick, on site evaluation
  • Mini­mum down-time for test vehicles
  • Mobi­le equip­ment for ratings
  • Mobi­le photo studio
  • Direct commu­ni­ca­ti­ons with vehic­le users

I enjoy my work at APL becau­se my team is high­ly moti­va­ted and we are acti­ve in an exci­ting area of the indus­try. I take plea­su­re in passing on my expe­ri­ence and am always ready to act as a consul­tant for my colleagues.

Peter K., Rating Team Manager

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