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Power­train Testing

Power­train test­ing at APL refers to the test­ing of the enti­re system. The test bench envi­ron­ment can be very complex and, in addi­ti­on to the comple­te struc­tu­re of a drive train, can include all conceiva­ble substructures.

A test’s focus can vary signi­fi­cant­ly here. It can rela­te to the beha­viour of indi­vi­du­al compon­ents in the over­all system or to the effects of diffe­rent boun­da­ry condi­ti­ons and loads.

The great compa­ra­bi­li­ty of load condi­ti­ons also offers the possi­bi­li­ty of trans­fer­ring vehic­le tests from vehic­le to test bench with high repro­du­ci­bi­li­ty, high avai­la­bi­li­ty and high measu­re­ment quality.

Chal­lenges of Test­ing Comple­te Powertrains

Tasks in this over­all system conside­ra­ti­on result from tech­ni­cal equip­ment and deve­lo­p­ment progress of modern drive­train topo­lo­gies, for example:

  • Diffe­rent trans­mis­si­on types
  • Func­tion­a­li­ty of diffe­rent ener­gy converters
  • Ener­gy storage
  • Degree of hybridisation
  • Combi­na­ti­on of conven­tio­nal and EV-axles
  • EV drives
  • Fuel cell drives
Process Hand­ling

The comple­ti­on of a project for our custo­mers can be divi­ded into three phases:

Project Coor­di­na­ti­on

Defi­ne work packages
— Check
— Engineering
- Requi­red tools
- Simu­la­ti­on
- Test bench


- High degree of auto­no­my possible
— Reporting
— Data trans­fer, IT solutions
— Engi­nee­ring packages


- Project overview
— Outlook
— Discus­sion of findings
— Optimisation
Areas of Respon­si­bi­li­ty of Power­train Testing
Areas of Responsibility
  • Vali­da­ti­on tests
  • Func­tion­al tests
  • Coor­di­na­ti­on of drive­train stra­te­gies (e.g. hybrid)
  • Emis­si­ons
  • Cali­bra­ti­on tasks
  • Dyna­mic test cycles
  • Real drive simulation
  • Effi­ci­en­cy observations
  • Accre­di­ted test envi­ron­ment (DIN ISO 17025)
  • Data review and evalua­ti­on by engineer
  • Prepa­ra­ti­on of data in custo­mer format
  • Proto­ty­pe protection
  • IT Secu­ri­ty
  • Secu­re data connec­tion → for prompt trans­mis­si­on of analy­ses and raw data
  • Centra­li­sed commu­ni­ca­ti­on channels
From Comple­te Power­train to Indi­vi­du­al Components
Test­ing indi­vi­du­al drive­train compon­ents is an important part of the deve­lo­p­ment process. The follo­wing compon­ents can be tested for passen­ger cars and trucks:
  • Manu­al, auto­ma­tic, trans­fer and rear axle transmissions
  • Elec­tri­fied gears
  • Clut­ches
  • Lubri­cant and coolant

The large number of diffe­rent poten­ti­al test specem­ins illus­tra­te how high demands are on the test bench and how many diffe­rent test prod­e­cu­res are requi­red. Our high­ly flexi­ble multi-machi­ne test benches allow test­ing of the indi­vi­du­al compon­ents in count­less configurations.

Specia­list depart­ments during instal­la­ti­on of a compo­nent test stand
Heavy-duty gear­box installation

„This is what our employees provi­de: a comple­te funda­men­tal know­led­geof the various func­tion­a­li­ty of compon­ents, the complex instal­la­ti­on confi­gu­ra­ti­ons and the diffe­rent test­ing requi­re­ments and procedures.“

Trans­mis­si­on Tests
  • Conti­nuous operation
  • Func­tion­al examinations
  • A wide range of trans­mis­si­ons; from diffe­ren­ti­als and trans­mis­si­ons to trans­fer boxes and inclu­ding hybridisation
  • 1M – 4M test stands
  • Use of test stand trans­mis­si­ons for higher speeds and torques
  • Ambi­ent air conditioning
  • Pitting tests
  • Cont­act pattern analysis
  • NVH inves­ti­ga­ti­ons
Effi­ci­en­cy Measurements
  • For trans­mis­si­ons as well as elec­tric drives
  • Lubri­cant influence determination
  • High precis­i­on measu­re­ment technology
  • Very high reproducibility
  • Diffe­rent condi­tio­ning options
Rotor Test­ing
  • Rota­tio­nal speed chan­ge tests
  • Diffe­rent ambi­ent temperatures
  • Indi­vi­du­al superstructures
  • Opti­mi­sed cycle times

„Custo­mers in our area typi­cal­ly have their own, non-stan­dard requi­re­ments for the tests. Thats why I am invol­ved both in the test stand instal­la­ti­on as well as the role of project engineer!“


Axel S., Project Engi­neer

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