APL Auto­mo­ti­ve Japan K.K. has been certi­fied as a “White Compa­ny (Silver)” by the Japan White Spread.
APL Auto­mo­ti­ve Japan was judged and evalua­ted based on the follo­wing seven indi­ca­tors, with the keyword “excel­lent compa­ny to leave behind for the next generation”.

  • Busi­ness Model/Productivity
  • Diversity&Inclusion
  • Work-Life Balan­ce
  • healt­hy management
  • Human Resour­ce Deve­lo­p­ment / Job Satisfaction
  • Risk manage­ment
  • Labor Law Compliance

From the results of the scree­ning, we lear­ned that there is still room for impro­ve­ment, and we will stri­ve to beco­me a better compa­ny with the coope­ra­ti­on of our employees.

APL Auto­mo­ti­ve Japan K.K. intro­duc­tion page on the “White Zaidan” website APL Auto­mo­ti­ve Japan K.K. Certification APL Auto­mo­ti­ve Japan K.K. Silver Certification