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23. Jul, 2021 | Batte­ry deve­lo­p­ment and testing

Batte­ry deve­lo­p­ment and testing


It all star­ted with batte­ry tests for BEV systems at APL in 2009. Our batte­ry port­fo­lio has grown signi­fi­cant­ly since then. The APL Group is your reli­able and expe­ri­en­ced part­ner in batte­ry deve­lo­p­ment and testing.

We dedi­ca­te oursel­ves with passi­on to the deve­lo­p­ment tasks of our custo­mers across a wide range of batte­ry topics. At the Land­au loca­ti­on, APL provi­des you with bund­led exper­ti­se from cells to batte­ry packs. Our team excels with in-depth expert know­ledge and uses our strong test infra­st­ruc­tu­re to meet the deve­lo­p­ment goals:

Our analy­ti­cal labo­ra­to­ry carri­es out cell openings in a state-of-the-art glove box for diagno­sis and mate­ri­al analy­sis, and cells are also built or prepa­red accord­ing to custo­mer requi­re­ments. In our cell testing faci­li­ties, batte­ry cells are exami­ned, e.g. with regard to their perfor­mance, aging and swel­ling. With the help of pulse profiles and elec­tro­che­mi­cal impe­dance spec­tro­scopy, para­me­ters for batte­ry simu­la­ti­on are deter­mi­ned; we also deve­lop batte­ry simu­la­ti­on models of various comple­xi­ty in-house.

Further­mo­re, we run a modu­le test field as well as several test fiel­ds on batte­ry system level. By expan­ding our exis­ting faci­li­ties, we have multi­plied our test capa­ci­ties in recent years. We also support on all aspects of design, simu­la­ti­on, soft­ware / hard­ware deve­lo­p­ment, BMS, EMC and application.

We are happy to support our custo­mers with our know­how and expe­ri­ence and coope­ra­te in projects. Fast char­ging stra­te­gies? Swel­ling? Ther­mal runa­way and propa­ga­ti­on? Gas analy­sis? Aging models? Direct cooling? — Talk to us about your ques­ti­ons, we have the right answers.

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